Petr Cech has explained his hunger for trophies and how he believes Arsenal will go on to have a successful season.

Cech won 13 trophies while at Chelsea. Therefore, it stands to reason that he probably knows what kind of commitment, drive and hunger goes into winning them.

Speaking after our Community Shield win over Chelsea on Sunday – Arsene Wenger’s first win over them in 14 games – the goalkeeper spoke about developing a winning mentality and how wins breed further success.

“A lot of times, people say that if you win a major trophy you get satisfied and stop working,” the 33-year-old said. “I think it’s the other way around.”

He continued, “Once you win a big trophy, it’s such an amazing feeling of achievement and accomplishment that you want to live it again. This group now knows how to win trophies and they enjoy it very much. You can see the celebration every time we win trophies, and everybody speaks about it. I’m sure that everybody wants to at least repeat that this year.”

The former Chelsea man seems to have integrated into the squad seamlessly since joining and appeared to be one of the happiest on the pitch after our 1-0 victory against his old club. Perhaps there is an element of ‘I told you so’ in there, showing his ex-manager why he shouldn’t have been dropped for the younger Thibaut Courtois, but ultimately, it shows he already has passion for the team, which is what we need.

Cech isn’t the first player to hail our current winning mentality, either, so it seems our squad are very much on the same wavelength: keep winning.