Is a transfer saga even a saga if it was never really going to happen?

Look, I’m sure Arsenal would like to sign Karim Benzema. I would like Arsenal to sign Karim Benzema, Arsène Wenger would probably like it, and Santi Cazorla has actually said he would like it.

“Benzema is a great player. Every side would like to have him but I think the manager has already his team made and probably he is not looking for another striker. Benzema fits into any team. The good players fits well in every side. He has quality and would adapt great,” said Santi. “I’m not very aware on whether there is any interest or not.”

Well, according to Rafa Benitez, it isn’t happening. There can’t be many sources more reliable than the Real Madrid manager himself (not that the manager has a great deal of power at that club) especially when talking about a player loved by president Florentino Perez.

“I think Benzema is going to stay with us. I’m very happy with him,” Benitez told the media this week.

That’s that, then.

Benzema is world class but he wouldn’t want to leave Real Madrid, certainly never enough to force through a move. Nobody does that. You are sold by Madrid when they don’t want you, and they certainly still seem to want the Frenchman.

I would like Arsenal to sign Karim Benzema. I would also like Arsenal to sign Sergios* Ramos and Busquets. Maybe next year, eh?

*Sergios is a plural, not a typo.