by Nia Griffiths

According to the Daily Mail, Arsene Wenger ‘likes the look of‘ Manchester United’s winger, Angel Di Maria, while he makes plans to move Mesut Ozil to a more central position.

Allegedly, Wenger is looking for a wide player to put in the German’s position so he can move him centrally – as if we don’t already have enough players capable of doing that already.

Angel Di Maria Mesut Ozil
Di Maria and Ozil when playing for Real Madrid (via Google)

Before I get down to just how ludicrous this non-rumour is, I want to touch on Ozil playing centrally, which has proved effective in the past. Although I wouldn’t necessarily claim that Wenger has been playing him strictly as a winger.

Our forwards, wide players and midfielders like to rotate and switch positions depending on a number of factors. How well they’ve been playing, how fit they are, how ‘up for it‘ they are will determine where they start, but then as the match wears on, if they’re better suited against opposition elsewhere, they don’t seem to have an issue being flexible.

What I’m saying is, I’m sure we will see the German playmaker in a more central role next season but it’s not as if we’ve been completely starved of this up until this point.

In addition, the notion that we would attempt to buy or even be thinking of putting in an offer for a winger who’s only just moved to Man United last summer for a huge sum of money (almost £60m), is quite frankly laughable.