by Nia Griffiths

Although some may find it boring, I’ve always been a bit envious of Manchester City’s Tunnel Cam feature on their YouTube channel and now it seems we have our own, for the time being.

There’s something fascinating about watching players psych themselves up before a big match; whether they talk to each other; how they react at half time; how they react directly after a win or loss.

City’s Tunnel Cam has me shuffling my way over to their channel every time we play them at the Etihad (especially after that 2-0 win).

Now, it appears we have our very own, although I’m not sure whether this will be a permanent feature, I hope it is.

Here’s our Tunnel Vision from the Emirates Cup. In this installment, you get to witness Santi Cazorla spanking Nicklas Bendtner, Laurent Koscielny getting confused at someone taking off their shirt, and Petr Cech looking a little too happy to have won the Emirates Cup.