by Lewis Ambrose

Tuesday afternoon saw Leicester City sack manager Nigel Pearson, and Arsène Wenger reached a new high by Premier League standards.

Appointed in September 1996, Wenger has now had the job at Arsenal for almost 19 years. Obviously, that means a lot of games, but how does he stack up against the rest of the division?

Well. Pearson’s sacking means that Wenger has now managed more Premier League games than the other managers in the division combined.

Since arriving in London, the Arsenal boss has overseen 1066 games, while the other managers are yet to accumulate 1000 games between them, trailing 68 behind Wenger.

The longest-serving managers in the division also don’t get close to the Arsenal manager – only Brendan Rodgers, appointed by Liverpool in 2012, has been at one club in the Premier League for more than two years. Jose Mourinho is entering the third season of his second stint at Chelsea, and Eddie Howe has been at Bournemouth for over two years as well as being in his second stint at the club. Howe is yet to manage in the Premier League, but has taken Bournemouth through the divisions.

Incredibly only half of the managers in the Premier League have been in their current role for more than a year. Wenger is the last of his kind, a dying breed, and shows no signs of stopping yet.

“Sometimes I think, ‘What is he doing all day.’ But he looks very happy in his retirement,” said the Arsenal manager of Sir Alex Ferguson back in May.

Wenger shows absolutely no signs of stopping yet. We are a very lucky fanbase indeed.