by Lewis Ambrose

Saturday sees Arsenal fan and Britain’s number two tennis player James Ward play in the third round at Wimbledon.

His love of Arsenal was in the press on Friday, as reports emerged that he actually sold his Arsenal season ticket in order to fund hid tennis career. The Londoner is ranked 111 in the world, and spoke about the club after his second round win.

“Winning the third round would probably be like Arsenal winning the league next year, to be honest,” said the tennis star who is sure to make more headlines – win or lose – over the weekend.

“After that, we start thinking about Champions League finals! But let’s think about Saturday first.”

Speaking on BBC Two on Friday evening he denied the reports that he had sold his season ticket at Emirates Stadium.

“No – again that has been taken out of proportion. Because I’m never here in London I had season tickets that want to give up because the waiting list is so long so I just gave them to friends who would but them off me for the season.”

Well, that’s far more understandable. The current waiting list is thought to be around 40,000 strong, which suggests a daunting wait of around a decade.

No wonder Ward wouldn’t give his up!

Everyone at Daily Cannon wishes him all the best ahead of his third round game at the famous tournament.