by Lee Hurley

Aaron Ramsey believes he knows exactly what Arsenal need to win the Premier League this season – consistency.

The Welsh midfielder is targeting the title with the Gunners but believes that they need to ensure that they are consistent if they are to wrestle the title away from Chelsea.

“Consistency is key,” Ramsey told FourFourTwo.

“The form we showed towards the end of last season is the form we need to show throughout the new season if we want to be challenging for the title.

“In the last few years we’ve always had half a season where we’ve been the most consistent team – it would be great if we could do that back-to-back in one season.


“I think it’s the best team we’ve had in a long while – probably the best team I’ve been involved in – and this club can get better. We’re in a very strong position to challenge for the Premier League and Champions League.”

Of course, there are many components to consistency and one of the major ones is being able to keep the majority of your players fit for the full season.

When you compare the number of injuries the Gunners suffered last season to Chelsea it’s no wonder that Jose Mourinho’s men were able to be so stable throughout the season – Arsenal suffered 227 injury days during 14/15 while Chelsea only had 92, the fewest of any club in the division.

As we saw when Arsenal started to get their stars back, they were able to put together a great run and were even talked about in terms of challenging for the title towards the end even though most of us know that was nonsense.

This season it might not be.