by Nia Griffiths

After hearing rumours that Hugo Lloris could be on his way to Manchester United, French coach Raymond Domenech has warmed the Tottenham Hotspur keep against the move.

The coach has offered his advice to the fellow Frenchman, implying that a move to the Red Devils would be a sideways step for Lloris and if he wants to truly progress, he needs to move to a team like Arsenal.

“I have no decision to take for him, but in my opinion he has to play in Chelsea, Arsenal, or Manchester City, to play in the European Cup,” he said. “Tottenham is a big club – it is not the biggest. Manchester United qualified for the Champions League, but I can’t see really the difference with Tottenham.”

He continued, “For me, it’s Chelsea, Arsenal, or Manchester City. Because I think Manchester United is no more a big club, in England, for me. I think like that. I think Arsenal will be every time a big club, Chelsea also – City is becoming a big club – but I think United is with Tottenham, with the other clubs. Not one of the biggest clubs, so there’s no difference.

He added, “For me, he’s a great goalkeeper so he needs to be in the best English club, or French, or Italian, or German.”

His comments come as a bit of a shock considering United have got Champion’s League football next season, which he does mention, but also cites as one of the reasons Lloris should join a ‘big’ club.

Raymond Domenech
Domenech (via Google)

Lloris, who Man United are rumoured to be lining up a £14m for, has now played 122 for Spurs since joining in 2012 and has become a huge part of the team. If he was to leave, he’d certainly be missed. United are predicted to sell first team goalkeeper David De Gea to Real Madrid.