by Nia Griffiths

Lukas Podolski has been quite the chatty Cathy since moving to Galatasaray all of one day ago.

When speaking about his decision to move to the Turkish club, the forward spilled, “It was an abdominal and heart decision. Everything worked for me. Galatasaray has already done great, and I want to do my part, that it again next year will be better.”

I’m assuming he meant he went with his gut feeling, rather an actual abdominal issue but we all know Google Translate isn’t the best.

Lukas Podolski
Lukas Podolski (via Google)

He continued, “I live my dream – and I will continue to live.”

I’m desperately trying to fight off flashbacks of the ‘little boy inside‘ Robin van Persie because I know the situation was very much different for Poldi and rallying the fans is what he does best.

Similar to Saturday, we went on to describe how the Turkish team tried to sign him before but the time hadn’t been right. This time, he explained he’d discussed it with his girlfriend and family and it was the right decision to make.

He also mentioned the substantial Turkish community in Cologne where he’s from, so he’s familiar with their enthusiastic football following.

“Long live, too many Turks in Cologne, where I come from,” he said. “The atmosphere I know her from the TV. And it indeed live many Turks in Cologne, where I come from. I’m looking forward when I make my first game here in front of full stadium.”

Again, I’m sure he means there are a lot of Turkish people where he lives, rather than what Google Translate believes he’s saying.