by Nia Griffiths

After Gervinho’s potential move to Al-Jazira fell through, rumours began to circulate that it was Sheikh Mansou’s brother, who blocked the deal.

According to France Football, a source has claimed that the Manchester City owner’s brother is the one to have put a stop to the deal, although exactly why isn’t clear.

Gervinho Roma
Gervinho (via Google)

The former Arsenal forward hit headlines recently due to apparently making outrageous demands ahead of a possible move to Al-Jazira. Although the claims that he wanted a private beach and helicopter have now been denied, it has been confirmed that the deal has been called off.

City owner, Sheikh Mansou, is also the chairman of the company which owns Al-Jazira and therefore, there is a link there. However, there’s very little (and by very little, I mean no) information about his brother. Therefore I’m not sure why or how he would have any interest in transfer dealings beyond friendly, brotherly advice.

Not that I believe one of the richest men in the world needs it.