by Nia Griffiths

Supposed Arsenal target Isco has said he’s happy where he is at Real Madrid and therefore it’s doubtful he’ll be leaving.

Even though I’m pretty sure you could probably count the amount of Gooners who genuinely thought we were after the winger on one hand, this definitely puts the final nail in that coffin. The 23-year-old isn’t moving here, there or anywhere – he’s staying put.

Isco Real Madrid
Isco of Real Madrid (via Google)

Isco said, “I am happy with my role in the team and I have played more than I thought, I insist.”

He insists.

Indeed, his ‘role‘ at the La Liga team saw him feature 53 times last season and 106 times since he joined in 2013. It’s doubtful that, if the winger is getting that many games a season at one of the world’s best clubs, he’ll leave. He seems to have it pretty comfortable at Real Madrid, so why go?

Premier League title holders Chelsea are also reportedly interested and have proposed a £20m bid, which has apparently been turned down. Although, £20m sounds a little sedate by Chelsea’s standards.