by Nia Griffiths

The Arsenal ladies manager, Pedro Martinez Losa, has admitted being disappointed with the loss to Liverpool and said that the team wants to give the fans what they want: victory.

Speaking after the 3-1 loss, Losa mentioned the support for the women’s game recently and admitted that he hopes it will continue. Despite the disappointing result, he stood by the fact that it was an entertaining game and hopes people enjoyed it. Although I’m sure the Arsenal fans weren’t too thrilled with how ‘entertaining‘ the match was.

Rachel Yankey of Arsenal Ladies and Lucy Bronze of Liverpool Ladies during a WSL game
Rachel Yankey of Arsenal Ladies and Lucy Bronze of Liverpool Ladies during a WSL game (via Google)

“I hope it continues. I hope that the next time they come they can enjoy our football and see Arsenal win, which is important,” Losa said.

“You can enjoy the women’s game and it was an exciting match for them to see. I just hope that next time we can give them what they were expecting, a victory.”

He continued, “I think that the way the game is developing and progressing in England, this has given us an indication of how people are going to be involved in the game.”

Indeed, since the Women’s World Cup in Canada, the number of people genuinely debating and opening up discussions about the ladies’ game has increased. After being broadcast on BBC One, more people than ever turned in to the semi-final and the audience continued to grow.

“It’s not just about following the players now, we have to make the fans follow the clubs and this league, which is very attractive. I think this game was a very good game to watch despite the result, and hopefully we can have 2,000 here every game.”

The women’s game is no longer a separate entity, it’s the same match with different players.