by Lee Hurley

The Sun are reporting that David Ospina is considering his Arsenal future as he is not prepared to be an understudy to Petr Cech.

Signed just last summer, his arrival was the reason most of us here at Daily Cannon were sure that the Cech rumours would go nowhere but as the whole thing gathers pace and takes on a life of its own, it’s hard not to feel a little excited by it all.

The Sun’s claim comes not long after it was reported that Fenerbahce were interested in taking the Colombian keeper and that Arsenal would, surprisingly, be open to selling him.

When he arrived, Ospina admitted that he was informed he would be coming to the club as the number two keeper, however it is likely that he felt he had more chance of displacing Woj than he would now have of shifting Cech, an altogether superior keeper. Should we sign him, of course.

The Sun also claim that there is a £1.5m offer on the table (wages) from the Turkish side.

Add to that the fact that there are already reports (on Twitter) that Cech is flying in for a medial and this has all just got a lot more interesting.