by Lee Hurley

Charlie Nicholas has called for people to lay off Jack Wilshere after the midfielder led a rendition of some anti-Spurs chants at the FA Cup parade a few weeks ago.

Taking the microphone for the second season in a row, we all knew what what coming as soon as he stepped up. Charged by the FA for his actions, probably because the media made such a big deal of it and that’s how the FA decide who they will punish and who they will let away with more serious offences, Jack sped through a number of little tunes about that lot up the road.

Now, speaking to Sky Sports, Nicholas said “Jack has gone through a pretty testing time over the past two years. He hasn’t fulfilled his potential yet and part of that is because of his injuries.

“But Jack’s a young, strong man and he’s still fighting – plus he’s never complained about the situation.

“The club just need to say to him ‘you’ve made a bit of a fool of yourself again, but can we move on from this quickly?’ and that’s that.

“Next time someone puts a microphone in front of him I’m sure he’ll handle it better or maybe even just step to one side.

“I do believe he’s got the right mentality – he’s certainly got the capabilities – to be at Arsenal for some time, but he’s got to understand these things and he will learn.

“He just needs to mature a bit.

“Other young players have made mistakes this season – like Raheem Sterling with the laughing gas – but that was done and dusted in three or four weeks, and I imagine this will be the same.

“No one’s been hurt, he has apologised, and Arsenal will reprimand him and I think it’s a matter that could have been handled internally.

“Arsenal should be able to just fine him – it doesn’t even have to be a week’s wages – maybe £10,000 or so and then donate that to the charity of their choice and we move on.”