by Lee Hurley

Theirry Henry has called upon Arsenal to show more consistency next season after claiming their second FA Cup in two years.

The Gunners suffered for a poor start to the season, hindered in no small part by the huge numbers of injuries they suffered, something that no-one seems willing to discuss when talking about why Arsenal started so slowly.

Sure, there were other issues – players returning late from the World Cup for one – but it was undoubtedly the injuries which were the biggest factor and it was no coincidence that the turn of the new year, which saw a return to fitness of most of the squad, saw Arsenal put together the best run of form in the country.

Speaking to, Henry said

“It’s a difficult task to win the FA Cup back to back, but they have done that.

“It was a way more difficult game against Hull than Aston Villa.

“You could see right from the start [against Villa] that Arsenal were going to win the game, and that made it easier for us fans to watch – it was less nerve-racking than the year before.

“So the progress is there, now what we are waiting for is the consistency in the league because that is very important. That is where you can judge a team, in the league.

“Having said that, our generation started by winning the cup and went on to win a Double and stayed unbeaten – that is all I can hope for this group to do.”

I love it when he says ‘we’….I know I’m not the only one.