by Nia Griffiths

New signing Petr Cech has been speaking to Arsenal Player about the potential for this Arsenal team, where we went wrong last season and our FA Cup success.

The goalkeeper has been keen to reassure the fans that he’s hungry for success and more motivated than ever to compete for silverware. He’s also wanted to highlight the potential of this current Arsenal team,

“It is [an exciting time] because you could see clearly that this team has a big potential. Especially in 2015, the team had a very good run and you can see how many talented players came through and played really well,” he said.

However, despite this potential, we fell short last season and finished in third place, 12 points behind league leaders Chelsea, Cech’s former club.

The 33-year-old continued, “I believe that towards the end of the season, they found the balance and played really good football as well as finding the winning touch where they found three points in important games.

Athough he admitted, “It’s just a pity that the season lasts all year. You have to start and finish well, which was Arsenal’s problem last season – the points they dropped at the start of the season were costly for them in the title race at the end.”

The Czech international also wanted to hail our recent success in the FA Cup. We’ve now won the cup twice in two years, making Arsenal the most successful club in the competition and Arsene Wenger the most successful manager. His former club have won the FA Cup seven times, while Arsenal have won it 12.

“Winning back-to-back FA Cups is a great achievement and I hope that the team can pick up where it started in 2015 and carry that on during the whole season,” he said.

As Cech says, hopefully we can carry on with the new season where the last one left off.