Another game at the Emirates, another 90 minutes without a goal for the home side and Arsenal’s winning run seems a long time ago now.

Sunderland came to the Grove and, despite their manager saying they wouldn’t try to just defend, that’s pretty much what they did – although in typical Arsenal fashion, we left the door ajar just enough to give them a few tempting glimpses of our rear.

Speaking to Sky Sports after the game, the manager concurred with the feeling of frustration felt by the fans as he discussed Jack Wilshere’s start and Theo Walcott’s impact.

Asked if Sunderland defended well, the boss replied “Exactly, you sum it up very well, we couldn’t score, they defended very well which was understandable. We tried and tried and in the end they had good chances on the break.

“He [Jack] did alright, he’s given a lot, like all the team. He had some very good movements, we are all very frustrated but he did very well.

“I said that already last week [that Theo was ready], he had an impact. He’s sharp and nearly scored.

“Overall you are never satisfied when you don’t win and maybe in November we would have signed for where we are now but it’s frustrating.”

And in his press conference after the game, he reiterated that point.

“We are frustrated because we couldn’t score. Sunderland are jubilant and they played like a team that wanted to be safe.”

The point effectively seals automatic qualification for Arsenal and third place, although a thumping at home on Sunday coupled with a comprehensive win for United could see things change. A seven-goal swing is needed and Arsenal have a better goals scored total than United by five so they would need to win by at least that many, reducing the need for West Brom thumping to just two goals.

It won’t happen though.

“We want to finish now with a win at home and we want to give an end of season to our fans that they deserve.

“It’s important that we win on Sunday.”

You said it, Arsene.