How much fun was that?

In addition to our extensive pre-match coverage of the game, we got our writers together for a short prediction on how they think the game will pan out.

Here’s how that went…

Lee Hurley Win 2-0

I fancied a straight-forward, stress-free win but even I didn’t think it would be that much fun.

Or that easy.

Much better, Arsenal, much better.

Helen Trantum n/a

Already on the beach. Or in Vegas. Maybe both. Do they have beaches in Vegas? There’s certainly sand. That counts.

Stephen Bradley Win 2-0

Missing, assumed drunk.

Paul Williams Win 2-1


Sylvain Jamet Win 2-1

I did not foresee as many goals as this but a win for sure.  I thought we might get a couple of goals considering the recent drought and that was a fair expectation. Third place is nice, now looking forward to next Saturday.

Lewis Ambrose Win 1-0


I thought Theo would make a difference but not one that big. His non-stop movement was a joy to watch.

Great result.

Nia Griffiths Draw 0-0

What a pleasant surprise.

I predicted another frustrating draw but I’m happy that I couldn’t have been more wrong.

We looked dangerous going forward and always a threat. A great performance to finish the Premier League on.

Hopefully this will give us some good momentum going into the FA Cup final next weekend.

Mark Fine Draw 1-1

Starting Wilshere and Theo was obvious. Really hoped to see Rosicky too.

Not the dog fight I expected, but really happy Theo got his ‘return to form’ match – and what a return it was!

All in all, this match put an exclamation point on an excellent finish to what could have been a disastrous league season.

Proud of this team. Now let’s keep the cup.

Anita Sambol Win 2-0

Told you we were gonna win because I wasn’t watching. My mother is trying to convince me not to watch any matches next season.

Charlotte Marshall n/a

Already on the beach. Or at the cricket. Or hungover. It’s one of those.