Robert Madley took charge of Arsenal’s emphatic last day win over West Brom at the Emirates.

The 29-year-old was taking charge of only his fourth ever Arsenal game and, keeping with his form in the previous three, booked more Arsenal players than opposition (Hector Bellerin).

In truth, he had practically nothing to do during the game but did manage to miss a number of little fouls for both sides, none of which were major but did point to his inexperience.

In all honesty, I had expected more from West Brom and the referee to be put under a bit more pressure, but, in the end, West Brom turned up with their settings firmly switched to ‘holiday’.

I’m not overly sure what else to say, really. Madley is a referee we knew little about before this game and we are still in the same position now after a match which offered no challenges of note, no fire from either side and no penalty box shouts.

Next up for Arsenal is Jonathan Moss at Wembley. He’s a moron.

I expect I’ll have much to cover after that game.