Do you ever wake up in the morning wondering what the devil Tony Adams has been up to?

I know I do.

Well it turns out, the Arsenal legend has been having a whale of a time in Azerbaijan.

While acting as Sports Director at Gabala, it seems the ex-defender has been making friends, attending weddings and throwing down some serious shapes, if this video is anything to go by:

The video shows Adams, who only ever played for Arsenal and spent 22 years at the club, taking part in what is a tradition Azerbaijan dance and, according to a report in the Daily Mirror, it’s gone viral over there.

A – probably disturbed – onlooker at the wedding said, “Mr Tony was a bit like a giraffe but while the flesh was lacking, the spirit was good. He joined in which was the main thing, but he may need to do a little practice. The view is, don’t give up the day job.”

An interesting comparison.

We’re glad Mr. Arsenal, who has made it clear he’s in no hurry to return to coaching for a while, is letting his hair down and cutting loose while he works away.