It would be churlish to moan about the referee after watching Arsenal out-Arsenal themselves against Swansea.

Sure, he should have booked Jonjo Shelvey in the second minute when he went through Alexis Sanchez, meaning his second yellow should have seen him leave the pitch. And yes, there were another couple of decisions that he failed to make, particularly in the first half, but would they have made the difference? I doubt it.

Credit must go to Swansea who managed to do what many others have done but without being kicky w%&nkers about it all and didn’t really give Friend much chance to mess things up too badly.

In fact, in terms of my notes for the second half, I have just one regarding the referee and that was about a corner that was wrongly given as a goal kick, a sign of Swansea’s approach for sure.

They did to Arsenal what many before have done and hopefully this serves as a wakeup call ahead of the trip to Old Trafford where Mike Dean will be asked significantly more questions than Swansea posed for Kevin Friend on Monday night.