He’s just misunderstood, you know?

It’s not his fault that trouble always seems to find him, he just wants to play football.

Except he doesn’t really seem to be all that bothered about football at all.

Signing for Wolfsburg in the summer, the former Arsenal striker has played just a total of 913 minutes, finding the net just five times, four of which came in the Europa League, a competition that even made Harry Kane look good.

As we reported, Bendtner’s future with Wolfsburg is already in doubt and he is by no means a guaranteed inclusion in their squad for their visit to London in July for the Emirates Cup and now it seems as if the German club are set to discuss his behaviour with him.

“We knew in advance that Bendtner is a type that, one on one way or another must be prepared for,” Stephan Grühsem, board member at Wolfsburg said. “Professional behaviour is the basic premise – both for the club and for the supporters. Both the manager and coach must soon look at it – and know what to do.”

Bendtner has played 1742 minutes in the last three seasons, a total that equates to 19 full matches. He failed to turn up at the fans’ day recently at the Bundesliga side, claiming on his Instgram account that he was ill.

Let me make a few things fixed! Firstly, I would NEVER disappoint the fans. I will gladly drive around to anyone who wants me. Unfortunately, I was ill, writes Bendtner on his Instagram profile and continues:

– Second: I am a Wolfsburg player, and proud of it. It has been a great season, and it’s been incredible to be a part of. Anyone who will write s*&t about me and try to get me down to the neck, just do it. This tiger will fight to the end.

Sure you will, Nik. Sure you will.