Arsene Wenger has been explaining stuff to

The manager, who has often been criticised for defending his team too much when they’ve needed to be called out on failing to perform during certain matches, believes that he has to show confidence – as that is an outward reflection of his inner belief in the team.

As an Arsenal fan it’s hard not to wonder why the players have often failed to perform, especially in big games when they’ve collapsed, but as the manager rightly points out – players are human too.

“Everybody is different and approaches a matchday differently, but I always try to be confident,” Wenger told Arsenal Player. “I’m always confident that my team will do well and I want to show that.

“But you never know exactly the mental energy that will be in the team during the game, nor the physical energy that will be in everybody that day. Why? Because we are all human beings and don’t wake up every day in exactly the same state.

“That goes for each of the players as well, so if you multiply by 18, it shows you the uncertainty that can create. So I’m confident but also a bit uncertain and curious as to what kind of mental and physical energy will be in the tank for the team.

“I make sure that everybody around the team fills that tank as much as we can. Of course there is a certainty about the quality of my players but an uncertainty about the energy level that will be available on the day of the game.”

With results secured at the Etihad and Old Trafford this season, venues which have offered various humiliations to Arsenal over the years, perhaps this season we are starting to see the players believing in themselves as much as the manager does.

As the race for the top four hots up, we can only hope that they have a full tank and are ready to roll.