Robert Pires has spoken.

Coming to the defence of Mesut Ozil, the Arsenal legend has hit out the idiots who have been criticising Mesut Ozil this season.

“For me, the man of the match (against Liverpool) was Mesut Ozil,” Pires told Arsenal magazine.

“Too many people have criticised him this season and overall since he arrived at Arsenal. I train with him regularly and I can tell you that he is one of the best players I have seen.

“He loves this club and cares a lot about it. He wants to win trophies here and wants to make the fans happy, like he did against Liverpool. First, there was his wonderful pass for Aaron on the first goal. Then he scored that wonderful free-kick for the second goal.

“Again, I am not sure Mignolet can do much better because the strike is so clinical and goes out before coming back in. But Mesut also worked hard for the team, he defended, he was precious on the ball and he was simply instrumental.

“You can see that his understanding with Aaron, Santi, Alexis or Olivier is perfect. I love seeing Mesut, Aaron and Olivier exchanging those short passes.

“Liverpool could not cope with our pass and move in this game. We overrun them in midfield, pressurised them at the back and contained them up front. This is a very important win for the rest of the season but also for next season.”

The list of people who have had digs at Ozil in the media is a lengthy one, showing that you don’t need to have a brain to be afforded column inches to spout ill-informed nonsense.

The most vocal recently has been Paul Scholes who has, surprisingly, been very quiet in the wake of Mesut’s masterclass against Liverpool on Saturday. His silence was, of course, made up for by Michael Owen who said not once but twice that Raheem ‘did I miss him winning the World Cup’ Sterling is better than the German.

Anyway, now that Le Bob has spoken, everyone else can just shut up.