Imagine the scene:

Two players are running towards each other, fully focussed on the ball between them.

At the last minute, as they prepare to make contact with the ball, the ball vanishes. They collide heavily and fall to the floor.

Who has been fouled in this scenario?

Clearly the answer is no one – neither player has any more right to the exact space where they collided than the other. It’s simply a genuine ‘coming together’.

Now imagine another scene:

One player passes the ball to a colleague. He then sets off on a run towards an opponent at the same time the opponent runs towards him.

Five seconds later they collide heavily and fall to the floor.

Who has been fouled in this scenario?

Again, the answer is no one – the fact that Player A had the ball some time before and released it does not give him any more right to the space where they collided than his opponent.

Now let’s remember the scene:

Oscar chases towards goal as Ospina runs from it. The Brazilian shoots and then a second later collides with the goalkeeper.

The ball is already almost in the goal, with absolutely zero chance of Oscar touching it again – he is not in possession of the ball, and has no more right to the space where he and Ospina collide.

Their two momentums are taking them in opposite directions, with neither having any chance of touching the ball, and it is simply a coming together.

Just because Oscar was previously in possession of the ball a short time before the collision does not give him any more right to the space, and therefore it is not a foul.

We’ve all seen them given, and for that reason Chelsea can feel aggrieved (as I’m sure they will – it must be part of the conspiracy!) but that doesn’t make it a penalty.

The consequences for Oscar were, of course unfortunate, and I wish him (as I’m sure we all do) a speedy recovery. That shouldn’t change the laws of the game though.

The PGMOL may already be covering themselves to avoid further accusations by Mourinho of a conspiracy, but on this occasion the referee got it absolutely spot on.

Michael Oliver isn’t perfect (surely Ivanovic should have been booked for his early ‘let him know you’re there’ challenge on Alexis) but he demonstrated again yesterday why he’s the best the Premier League has to offer at the moment.

Not that that’s difficult.

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