Ian Wright doesn’t have many regrets in his life.

But his biggest is leaving Arsenal.

Speaking to the Arsenal legend before in the build up to his #OneMoreGame at Wembley, we asked the goalmachine which he regretted more – being caught in the Marble Halls rollerskating; the Cup Winners’ Cup SF booking; or not breaking Cliff Bastin’s record against Tottenham?

He picked out his biggest regret from that list with ease, but it wasn’t his biggest regret overall.

“It’s got to be the record against Tottenham.

“The fact is, if you say my biggest regret, my biggest regret is leaving Arsenal.

“I’ve got a lot of respect for the clubs I went to afterwards but my heart and my passion had gone, it had left me.

“I scored goals at other places but I realised when you leave Arsenal – and everyone says how much they love it, everyone who has played for the club ends up being massive fans of the club – it’s a great football club.

“There are great people there. So my biggest regret would have to be not breaking against Tottenham, but leaving Arsenal.”

Wright left Arsenal in 1998 when he joined West Ham, a club he would ultimately only spend a year with before going on loan to Forest. A short spell at Celtic followed as well as at Buurnley, a side he helped win promotion to the old Division One, but he never came close to hitting the heights he enjoyed at Arsenal.

“I’ve gone on record as saying that when I left Arsenal I maybe stopped playing anyway.”


Ian Wright was talking at Ball Street’s media day for #OneMoreGame”

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