We all know what’s going to happen on Sunday.

Chelsea will turn up with their bus, they’ll look to frustrate and kick Arsenal and hit on the break.

We aren’t as soft as the side they’re used to, nor are we as stupid and it sickens me that a manager like Jose Mourinho, who wouldn’t know how to build a team, let alone a club, without a chequebook, constantly gets the better of Arsene Wenger.

It’s time for that to stop now.

This is a different Arsenal than the one Mourinho has become accustomed to, one that was in the shackles of austerity and trying to ‘make do’, something Mourinho has never had to deal with.

His comment this week, designed to dig at the manager he envies more than anyone that Good projects end with titles. Cesc was looking for that” is ignorant for so many reasons, but then we shouldn’t really expect anything more from a manager who often is unable to grasp simple sentences without taking offence and simply adds fuel to the already blazing fire.

Perhaps there were no accessible eyes around for him to poke at the time.

Had Cesc, and all the others, not left mid-project they would have won trophies during it. I’m also pretty sure that, now that the austerity period is over Arsenal have begun winning trophies again. Maybe Mourinho was on the phone to his wife when Arsenal won the FA Cup last season. The stupidity of his comments would beggar belief if they came from anyone else.

The end of Arsenal’s ‘project’ didn’t come when Cesc left, it came after the ten-year period passed in which they built a stadium for less than Mourinho spent building a team.

It’s time to show Mourinho the true colour of London and end his delusion that he’s special. He’s not.

He’s Tony Pulis with money.

Somebody get him a baseball cap.