At Arsenal, we’ve been unfortunate enough to see a number of player’s careers almost ended by horrific leg breaks.

Therefore, it’s comforting to see Santi Cazorla paying his respects to injured ex-teammate at Villareal, Mateo Masacchio.

The Spaniard took to Twitter to wish Masacchio well after he suffered what looks to be an incredibly serious leg break during Villareal’s match against Getafe at the weekend. The defender is thought to have both dislocated his ankle and broken his fibula (also known as a ‘Diaby’ – edit).

Cazorla tweeted in Spanish:

“A lot of best wishes to my friend Mateo, I hope it’s not too serious.”

“Wishing you all the strength for the recovery.

Fortunately, although our midfield maestro has endured his fair share of bumps, scrapes and injuries along the way, he’s never had to heal from anything which could be considered career-ending.

Our very own Aaron Ramsey has shown, however, that it is not only possible to come back from such trauma, but to develop into an even stronger player.

We wish Mateo all the best and hope he has a speedy recovery.