There are shenanigans afoot.

Arsenal and Aston Villa fans are concocting a plot to sing ‘happy birthday‘ to Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard at Wembley in the 35th minute given the Reds captain will miss the big day due to his side being rubbish.

Of course, none of this would be happening if we hadn’t had to listen to the media drone on incessantly¬†about the ‘fairytale ending’ to his Liverpool career on the biggest domestic stage of them all, acting as though if they said it enough times they would make it so.

Liverpool's midfielder Steven Gerrard reacts after losing the FA Cup semi-final
Liverpool’s midfielder Steven Gerrard reacts after losing the FA Cup semi-final between Aston Villa and Liverpool at Wembley stadium in London on April 19, 2015. AFP PHOTO / GLYN KIRK

A true great of the Merseyside club, his last meaningful contributions seem set to be costing his side the title last season, a top four finish this, and, no matter what Brendan Rodgers says, being totally and utterly ineffective in helping his own side during the semi-final.

You gotta make your own dreams come true, Stevie.

Daily Cannon fully endorses this plan, we hope you do too.

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