Lukas Podolski is planning on coming back to Arsenal to fight for his place.


The frontman, who has been a flop in Italy, thinks that he will be able to play out the final year of his contract in what would certainly be an odd move for Arsenal.

Shipped out on loan because he wasn’t happy with not playing and not playing because he wasn’t putting in the required effort on the pitch, the same reason he has been widely criticised in Italy, Poldi thinks that he is now ‘ready’. Quite what that means is not clear.

“When I go back (to Arsenal) I think I have the chance to play there,” he told the Daily Mail.

“I have one year left so well will see what happens. I feel very well at the club and with my teammates as well. I had a great two and a half years; I scored a lot of goals there and had a lot of assists.

“The first six months of the season were not easy, that’s why I changed clubs. But now I’m ready.”

There’s no doubt he could come back to the club and play a role as a sub, but he would have to accept being nothing more than a bit-part player at the club.

Is that something he’s prepared to do?

The other option is that Arsenal cancel the last year of his contract and there is precedent in that area as they did that with Park Chu-Young. The two players are, clearly not comparable, but the option is still certainly available if the club want to free up the space in the squad.

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