It made a nice story, a believable one too.

Barca boy leaves, joins Arsenal, shines and becomes a target for the club who let him go.

It’s probably believable because it’s already happened, but it seems that this time around, the noise in the media is just that – noise.

With Bellerin shining in the side this season due to Mathieu Debuchy’s injury woes, I guess it was only a matter of time before one of the redtops came up with the link.

It’s not exactly a huge leap.

But now, a report on the Spanish site ‘Sport‘ has claimed that the Catalan side were interested in approaching Bellerin with regards to integrating him into their B side 12 months ago but have accepted that the player is ‘gone for good’.

I wouldn’t bet my house on that last bit, especially not if Bellerin continues to develop at his current rate.

It won’t take much for the (more than a) club to go from ‘acceptance‘ to claiming Arsenal kidnapped him.

You know it’s true.