We all know Arsenal are in a great vein of form, but did you know how great?

Best in Europe great – that’s how great.

Sitting on top of the form table, which takes into consideration the big five leagues, they are tied with Lazio.

On a seven-game winning streak after their 4-1 thumping of Liverpool at the weekend, the Gunners are technically in second place in the table on goal difference with a +11 to Lazio’s +14, but we’re not going to pay attention to that because it makes Arsenal slightly less awesome than they clearly are.

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The two sides are the only teams across the five divisions with a perfect record over the last seven games.

But it’s more than just the last seven games in which Arsenal have excelled with sitting pretty atop of the 2015 Premier League table.

If only leagues operated on a calendar year basis, we’d be laughing.

As it is, it looks like the injuries Arsenal suffered in the first half of the season will be enough to see them go another year without a league title.

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