Think you know who has been Arsenal’s standout performer recently?

Well, if you only based your opinion on what you read in the press you’d be wrong.

So totally and utterly wrong.

Because, thanks to those wonderful statty people over at Squawka, we’re able to see that Mesut ‘Nicking a living’ Ozil is Arsenal’s top performer in their last seven games.

We’ve covered Mesut heavily recently as we attempt to rectify the ludicrous narrative that prevails in England that he creates little and cares less.

It’s not surprising to see Francis Coquelin and Santi Cazorla in the top five either given their form of late but David Ospina’s appearance will certainly raise a few eyebrows, especially when there seems to be no room for Olivier Giroud.

Laurent Koscielny is always one of our top performers so his inclusion is no shock either.

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