Alexis Sanchez has been speaking to Arsenal player.

The Chilean frontman, who is worshipped at the club despite only arriving here in the summer, has been speaking about what it took to finally win at Old Trafford on Monday night in the FA Cup.

Arsenal put to bed yet another unwelcome nine-year record with their 2-1 win thanks to goals from Nacho Monreal and Danny Welbeck, but it was their attitude, says Sanchez, which really made the difference.

He told Arsenal player

It was a very physically demanding game, a box to box one.

“I got back home both happy and exhausted.

“The team played the game with a great attitude and with a genuine spirit to win it from the very first minute. We never put our heads down against a top club like Manchester United and that attitude gave us the victory.

“We also played like that at Manchester City [in January]. We showed a great winning mentality that day. If we add that to the very talented squad we have, we will be able to beat anyone.

“It’s all down to us. If we want to stay in the top four or climb some places in the table we must maintain the winning mentality. I always say that mentality is a crucial aspect in a football environment. If a footballer goes on the pitch with the right mentality he will perform well.”

Not many people, our own fans included, gave us much chance of beating United on Monday night.

Despite the fact that everyone and their granny has been able to defeat them post-ferguson, Arsenal still struggled with a mental block when it came to facing them.

After having overcome Manchester City earlier in the season, however, Arsenal took another massive leap forward in overcoming the psychological barriers which have been holding them back for so long.

Long may it continue!