Mike Jones took charge of an Arsenal game recently when he was appointed as the man in the middle against Leicester when we met them last month.

In our preview before that game we remarked that Jones was a referee prone to getting the big decisions wrong and in our review we started with ‘There are some referees who are bad. Then there are referees like Mike Jones.’

You might remember that game as the one that saw Alexis Sanchez taken off injured after he was unable to escape this tackle by Matthew Upson:

A tackle that wasn’t even deemed a foul by Jones.

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You may also remember him penalising three Arsenal players for handballs while denying a stonewall penalty for the same in the Leicester box.

Alexis, Santi Cazorla and Mesut Ozil were all kicked from one end of the pitch to the other with impunity, Danny Simpson fouling Ozil three times in quick succession before a foul was finally given and the Leicester man carded for completely wiping the German out.

It was also the game in which Olivier Giroud was booked for being hit on the back by the ball as their keeper kicked it, an incident Jones didn’t even see but still managed to produce a yellow for the Frenchman.

He lets blatant pullbacks go, even when the player is hauled down by the neck, constantly gets in the way of the play, blocking off space and passes, allows rotational fouling to go unpunished and books Arsenal players for their first fouls.


That’s who is in charge of our trip to Newcastle.

Good thing they don’t have form for being overly-physical, eh?

Oh wait…