Arsenal moved to within a point of ‘title’ challengers Manchester City on Saturday.

With Chelsea dropping points at home to Southampton, some are postulating that Arsenal could be back in the title race (can we be ‘back’ if we haven’t been in it all season?) and even the journalists after the game asked Jose Mourinho if he thought Arsenal’s momentum was a threat to them, to which the snarky one replied “What momentum . . 3-1 against Monaco?” (no, Jose, that would be the seven wins from the last eight, and 12 in the last 14, you muppet).

It’s almost as if the Chelsea manager was trying to deflect attention away from his side’s failure to win at home once again.

Of course, the journalists all found this hilarious as they continue their attempts to be Jose’s best mate. Anyway, Arsene Wenger has already stated that, momentum or not, Arsenal are not in the title race, and you can hear him say it with your very own ears in the video below:

Mourinho also claimed that Arsenal are in the title race but given this is a man who claimed his own side weren’t in it last year, I wouldn’t really pay much heed to what he says.