There’s no doubt that Francis Coquelin has been one of the stories of this season.

Recalled from his loan at Charlton when the club lost all their midfielders to Arsenal disease, Coquelin has shone in a way I don’t think many of us expected.

While he is still learning his game and Arsenal could benefit from the calmer style of Mikel Arteta in certain matches, there is no doubting the impact the Frenchman has had.

Of course, other factors come into play, like the return of other players, but Arsenal’s record with and without Coquelin makes interesting reading.

With Coquelin

Arsenal have played 15 league games with Le Coq in the middle and of those games Arsenal have lost just twice, winning 12 and drawing one, collecting a total of 37 points.

Without Coquelin

Without him, their record isn’t quite as good, playing 15 but winning just six, losing four and drawing five, collecting just 23 points.

As we often say, stats only show you part of the picture and other factors must be considered such as which other players were missing during those games.

As we know, Arsenal struggled badly at the start of the season with injuries and the inability to field a settled side.

Still, the figures must make good reading for Coquelin.