Everybody thinks Alexis Sanchez is exhausted, everyone except him that is.

On international duty with Chile ahead of their friendly against Brazil at the Emirates (and a game against Iran before that), the Arsenal man has been speaking about his intentions with the national side – to win the Copa America.

Speaking in Vienna, where he arrived on Monday to join his teammates, Sanchez said

“All right, I’m fine, physically perfect.

“We aim to win the Copa America, but now some rest”

Quite how he is in ‘perfect‘ condition is anyone’s guess.

This season he has played 42 games for Arsenal, a total of 3,386 minutes. Although he’s played 12 games fewer than he did last season, he is almost at his minutes total with still at least nine games left for Arsenal.

And none of these figures include his international appearances.

Despite going off the boil since Christmas, perhaps understandably, the man is still a machine.