Alex Song believes he knows the key to beating Arsenal – do what Monaco did.

Oh Alex, if only it was that simple!

The former Arsenal man who wanted to return in the summer, told the press

“I know this stadium very well and I know when you play with Arsenal it’s very hard, but I think Monaco is how you want to play when you play in the Emirates.

“The best thing to do is to try to be together, defend together very well and when you have the opportunity to go on the counter attack, you have to do it very well like Monaco did it.

“If you want to go to Emirates and try to play you will not have any chance to win the game there because this stadium is very hard to play in.

“You have to stay together very compact and not give them any room, then take the opportunity on the counter attack.

“If we do this very well like Monaco did, then we can get a good result there.”


You forgot one magic, key ingredient Alex – Arsenal need to play like absolute pants.

It’s widely held amongst Arsenal fans that their performance against Monaco was one of the worst they’ve put on in many years. could they really play that badly so soon after?

It’s unlikely.

Of course, we all know that many a team has rolled up at the Emirates and done exactly what Song has suggested, West Ham being one of them when they were the first side to win there when they scored with their only effort.

Anyway, that was a different time, a different Arsenal.

We’ve learned our lessons *this* time, right?