The vice president of soccer operations at Colorado Rapids has revealed talks with Arsenal regarding two possible loans to the MLS side.

After a meeting last season between Ivan Gazidis and Rapid’s president Tim Hinchley in which the pair discussed how Stan Kroenke’s two football (not soccer) teams could help each other, loan deals and scouting networks were discussed.

Now, Paul Bravo, the Rapid’s VP, has admitted talks are ongoing in regards to taking two Arsenal youngsters to the States on loan, one of whom is currently injured (Jack Jebb? Isaac Hayden?)

Bravo told the Denver Post

“We’ve been talking with Arsenal quite a bit.

“There’s a few players that we’ve been monitoring. One that’s currently in an injury situation that we were hoping to bring over.

“There’s another one that we’re considering at this point, but nothing concrete. But we have been in communication with them in hopes that we can maybe secure one or two players.”

Bravo did not reveal the names of the players they were interested in taking Stateside but it would certainly seem like an arrangement that could benefit both sides with Arsenal’s youngsters gaining some much needed playing experience as well as helping to develop their character as they live in a different country.

Bravo added

“The reality is it’s not just about our relationship, it’s about what those players want to do at the end of the day as well.

“We can talk about players all we want, but at the end of the day once you get down to it, being able to sell them on the project that we have here, the connection, a lot of times those players they prefer to be there.

“It’s a matter of finding that player that wants to come here and give it a go.”

And it seems that it is not just players from Arsenal that the Rapids are interested in after they signed Richard Clarke who was managing editor of the Arsenal Media Group for 13 years.

He is now the senior director of communications and digital media in Colorado.