Arsenal are rubbish at set-pieces, doncha know?

Except they aren’t.

In fact, far from being rubbish, they are actually the best in the Premier League, well, at scoring them at least.

Arsenal have scored more goals from set-pieces than any other side in the division.

That’s right, you read those words correctly.


The side who struggle to beat the first man with 99% of their corners.

Averaging 0.57 goals per game via a set-piece, that’s 15 in 26 games, better than any other side.

Given that Arsenal also had more individual goalscorers than any other team in the league just a few weeks ago (I’m not 100% sure if this is still the case) it’s clear that the problems with this side this season have come at the back, and that’s not really surprising given how unsettled it’s been.

We may be back in a position to PLAYALLTHEDEFENDERS but it wasn’t that long ago we had only one fit senior defender.

Improvements in that area, including players returning from injury, coupled with Arsenal’s continued ability to find the net, have seen Arsenal’s form steady and then soar.

Barring the occasional blip, of course which, less face it, you can’t really expect them to do away with altogether, can you?

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