Let’s face it, no-one likes losing to Tottenham.

London’s comedy club, with Thursday night specials, have spent so long in Arsenal’s shadow that the entire area of N17 should probably be treated for rickets.

So, losing to them is quite hard to take and you’ll probably be looking for something to take your mind off it.

Here are four things to occupy yourself with.

Watch Arsenal win the league at White Hart Lane

With two versions to pick from, you have 180 minutes of distraction just waiting for you.

It’s also helpful if you compare the celebrations of the Arsenal players winning the league with those of the Tottenham players on Saturday as they won three points.

Watch Arsenal beat Tottenham 5-2

Again, another Arsenal-related activity that offers you choice, will you opt for the first 5-2 or the second?

Why not watch them both. In slow motion. That way, you can hide from the real world for a full 360 minutes.

Go for a walk

You probably aren’t going to want to go to any bars or clubs as there’ll be an extraordinary amount of Tottenham fans you’ve never seen before crawling out from the shadows, squinting at the moon and hunting out Arsenal fans to mock.

If they mocked a few of us last season because they managed to get a draw at the Emirates, imagine what they’ll be like after a win.

No, what you want to do is get in your car and drive to the countryside where you can enjoy some Spud-free dandering.

Just remember that if you always leave your radio on to send someone out to the car to turn it off first, especially if you have it tuned to TalkSport.

Seek out those non-football friends you usually avoid

We all know them, those little weird people that don’t ‘do’ football and it is for days like today that we keep them around.

Seek them out, make plans to go to their house.

Chances are they won’t even know there was a game on so you can live in their football-free bubble where people don’t do things as stupid as losing to Tottenham.

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