Arsenal have been given a total allocation of 8,600 tickets for their FA Cup quarter final at Old Trafford.

The tickets, which vary in price from £47 – £37 (concessions are available) for season ticket holders, £50 – £40 for red and silver members with non members priced at £55 – £45 (although it is highly unlikely that any of the tickets for this game will go on sale to those without memberships even given the ridiculous Monday evening kick-off.)

The tickets will go on sale on Friday for Platinum and Gold members with staggered release times. Tickets will not be made available for red members until Monday 23d February but it’s highly unlikely that there will be any left by this point unless the club deliberately hold some back.

As there are no trains back to London on the evening of the game, the club are exploring options to help fans return from Manchester seeing as the FA nor BBC give two fecks about them.

It’s all about the money, innit.

One day they’ll realise that without the fans there won’t be any of that, but until then, don’t expect anything to change in the near future.

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