Sunday’s game against Aston Villa was great fun.

In addition to our extensive pre-and-post-match coverage of the game, we got our writers together for a short prediction on how they thought the game would pan out.

You can read our pre-game predictions here.

Let’s take a look at how we got on with that.

Lee Hurley predicted Win 3-0

I confidently predicted a win, a cleansheet and for the day to go smoothly as long as Anthony Taylor behaved himself and that’s exactly what we got.

Sure, I was a couple of goals out, but how many of us thought Aston Villa were that bad? Too good to go down? Not on that display.

But take nothing away from Arsenal who can only beat what is in front of them and they did that comprehensively with five goals from five different goalscorers making a mockery of the ‘one-man team‘ accusations (Arsenal have more individual goalscorers than any other team in the league, and that was before this rout).

Five goals, five wins in a row, and fewer than five players in the treatment room. Good times!

Helen Trantum predicted Win 3-0

So 3-0 wasn’t a terrible prediction – in part it was born out of an unwillingness to jinx us and I was a bit nervous suggesting even a three goal victory.

In the end it was looking good right up until the 75th minute, at which point Santi nearly gave me a heart attack as my fantasy football captain!

As anticipated, Villa were toothless in the extreme, and in spite of the fulsome praise for Ospina’s fourth clean sheet, the Colombian couldn’t really have conceded if he tried.

Cissokho was wisely dropped by Lambert, but it seems Theo decided to sulk for the first 45 as a result before finally turning up the heat after half time. He and Özil certainly lived up to billing as dangers to the Villa defence with clinical finishes as well as a glorious assist for the underrated German.

£42m flop what?

Next up it’s that mob from up the road. More of the same please Arsenal.

Stephen Bradley predicted Win 2-1

Was too drunk to provide his reaction, overjoyed that his prediction of a tight game with their keeper having a stormer failed to come to anything.

Or he was watching the Superbowl.

It was one of those two things, I can’t remember which.

Either way, he’s drunk.

Paul Williams predicted Win 3-1

Well, my prediction didn’t amount to much other than the fact that I wouldn’t predict a “huge win”, which is exactly what we got.

I can’t really even take credit for saying that Villa are crap and we aren’t, as even people that don’t like football probably know this.

Marks out of ten? Four.

Villa didn’t ever really look like scoring, aside from the saves Ospina made at the end of each half, whilst the Gunners looked like scoring almost every time they went forward.

It was five, it could have been six or seven- and this in a game were we conceded a fair bit of possession to the Villa.

Old dog, new tricks, eh Arsene?

Just in time for Spurs too.

Sylvain Jamet predicted Win 3-0

Another game another wrong prediction.

Although I did not get everything wrong as I called the clean sheet with Ospina doing a good job in goal.

I also got the different goalscorers right.

Considering there was no Wellbeck,  Alexis or Oxlande Chamberlain yesterday, we can be confident with the current firepower.

It is pleasing to see a clean sheet and loads of goals scored.

I had a £1 bet  on my 3-0 prediction and I managed to cash in for £5.71 so I am actually up on my results prediction money since we started doing this.

Lewis Ambrose predicted Win 3-0

Well I called an early lead, a comfortable win, as well as a clean sheet.

I’ll take that.

Almost all our dangerous attacks, surprisingly, came on the break and/or down our left flank, the side we’re generally much narrower from.

3-0 wasn’t far off but Villa were even worse than expected.

A good performance, and probably a 7/10 prediction from me.

Nia Griffiths predicted Win 2-0

Wow. Well it’s situations like this where I don’t mind being wrong.

I predicted a win and thought we’d probably keep a clean sheet, but I didn’t think we’d score five.

What a great win!

Everyone looked confident and there wasn’t one weak link with each player willing to muck in all over the pitch.

Cazorla continues to be a joy to watch, while Ozil slotted straight back into the team as if he’d been there the whole time. Walcott is steadily improving and gives our attack that extra edge.

A special mention as well for Monreal who works so hard and has come on leaps and bounds since getting regular playing time.

Exciting times ahead.

Andi Foster predicted Win 3-1

I’ll give myself a 4 out of 10.

I got the score wrong and I thought Arsenal would concede – I’m certainly not moaning about such an emphatic win though!

Arsenal look like they have turned the corner and with Welbeck and Sanchez likely to return against Sp*rs it’ll be interesting to see who starts the game.

It will be a much bigger test though so i’ll start getting excited AFTER that game.

Sean Ferguson predicted Win 4-0

Well, I predicted an easy win and that’s exactly what we got.

Went for 4-0 and it was looking likely until Bellerin’s first goal for the club.

Ozil, Giroud and Cazorla were impressive but Villa were beyond bad. Ospina was only called into action a couple of times and one of those was when we were already five up.

Special shout to Sanchez and Cleverly who were probably the worst centre mid pair I can remember seeing.

The result will give the squad a lot of confidence going to Sp*rs next week where we’ll be looking to extend our impressive run.

Mark Fine predicted Win 1-0

My conservative estimate of a 1-0 win was way, way off. I did get the clean sheet part right, though, but that wasn’t really hard to predict with Ospina in-net and Villa’s lack of scoring.

Arsenal were prolific at scoring as most of our attacking options have left the treatment room, however, as other such sides have found, Villa’s defence hasn’t conceded more than a goal going back to a 1-2 loss to Tottenham on 2 Nov. Granted, they haven’t scored a goal since 20 Dec, but Brad Guzan and their defence have for the most part been solid – not so on sunday.

As far as team selection, most of us here expected Gibbs instead of Monreal, who would have provided us more speed on the pitch. Monreal does provide a bit more stability at the rear though. Villa did not start Sinclair and he was never a threat during his 28′ as a sub.

I did predict a wide-open game with both midfields possibly being overrun. We did a little better in that area, holding and taking advantage of it by countering – and, more impressively – scoring from them.

The first half was almost like a series of counters with very little happening in the middle of the pitch.

I didn’t get my Agbonlahor (who played, but didn’t start) versus Gabriel match-up. Benteke did start, but Agbonlahor was only brought on with Sinclair, and Gabriel didn’t get his debut.

Bottom line: Villa’s 0-2 loss to Liverpool in their last match, coupled with today’s 5-0 thrashing is clearly indicative that Villa are now completely broken on both sides of the pitch.

Their confidence was cracked after we scored the first, and then shattered on our second. They are truly in dire shape.

Alan Knowles-Best predicted Win 4-0

What can I say? Alan knows!

One goal out, I predicted that we would put Villa away with ease despite missing Alexis Sanchez and tried to tell you all how awful Villa were before the game. ‘A walk in the park’ were my exact words.

Alan knows!

Winnie O’Blindt predicted Draw 1-1

How awful are Villa? Seriously? They are supposed to be a Premier League team and that’s what they turned up at the Emirates with. Disgraceful.

I predicted a draw because I thought Villa would at least put up some measure of a fight but I was wrong.

So we scored five but we should have had more if it wasn’t for some usual wastefulness in the final third from Arsenal but in reality, it’s hard for even me to complain after a game like that, really.