As far as goalkeepers go, David Ospina is not the tallest.

Standing at just over 6ft, he appears smaller and is a good few inches shorter than his number one rival, Wojciech Szczesny.

Speaking to the media over the weekend, the Colombian revealed that he feels under pressure because of the height difference between him and other top keepers in the league, notably Manchester United’s David de Gea, Manchester City’s Joe Hart and Chelsea’s Thibaut Courtois.

He told the Express

“When I am in the tunnel and I see the opposition goalkeeper… I am forced to raise my head.

“In England, they are all two heads taller than me!

“They are 1.90m, maybe more! Courtois, De Gea, Hart… You laugh but really it puts a little pressure on.

“Even Hugo (Lloris) is supposed to be small but he is how tall? 1.87m, 1.88m? The smallest one is me! 1.84m.”

Ospina also spoke about how he couldn’t say no to Arsene Wenger when the Arsenal manager contacted him after the World Cup in Brazil last summer.

He added

“When the coach (Wenger) contacted me, after the World Cup, I said yes straight away.

“To play in England, it was a dream. In Colombia, on TV, we saw the Spanish and English matches thanks to Asprilla at Newcastle and Juan Pablo at Aston Villa.

“And I preferred the passion surrounding English football.

“Sadly, I arrived at Arsenal already injured. I injured my right thigh in my last match in the World Cup in Brazil.”

Despite his relatively small stature he has managed to keep three clean sheets in six Premier League games so far this season and although there have been rumours this week that Woj will take the starting spot for the Champions League game against Monaco, there is no indication that Ospina will be losing the number 1 shirt any time soon, so his height is clearly not causing any problems for the manager.

If it is a big issue for him, however, he could always hire me to stand next to him and then he can feel like a giant seven days a week. Alternatively, he could always use Santi Cazorla in a similar fashion.