You know those stories that pop-up during the transfer window that seem really interesting but end up saying nothing?

Well Metro have been at it again, this time linking Arsenal with a move for Wolfsbug’s ex-Chelsea midfielder Kevin De Bruyne.

The story, for all there is of it, looks at quotes from De Bruyne’s agent, Patrick De Koster, as well as one from Wolfsburg’s head coach, Dieter Hecking who goes uncredited.

Whilst Arsenal are the main club mentioned in the report, they aren’t the focus of the original German article.

The quotes look like this (I’ve highlighted in bold the bits that were left out):

“I know some clubs are interested in him” – Patrick De Koster (De Bruyne’s Agent)

“It is normal that clubs like Manchester United deal with top people. This is recognition of his and our work” – Dieter Hecking.

De Bruyne has found himself in fine form since moving to Germany during the last winter transfer window, scoring six goals and providing 13 assists in 25 appearances so it is only natural that he is being scouted and linked with other clubs.

Given the fact that his favoured position is through the middle – a position that Arsenal are unlikely to need recruits for any time soon – it’s really hard to see why Arsenal were selected to be the focal point of this story when Manchester United have actually been mentioned in the quotes.

Arsenal are only mentioned in the original article in passing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Arsenal won’t sign De Bruyne, in fact I’m pretty sure that his versatility could well prove to be an asset for the club if they wanted to spend £25m for it.

What I am saying is that I don’t think it will be happening any time soon.

A very confusing piece but, given their headline on the report which is now spreading across the internet, it seems they might have been having a worse day than usual.

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