On Thursday night, Danny Welbeck murdered a puppy in front of a packed-out Ashburton Grove, or at least that’s what you would believe if you read the papers this morning, and even Arsenal fans aren’t sure how to react to the striker’s ‘dive’ against Milan.

Welbeck tripped over his own feet to earn himself a penalty against Milan in the Europa League. And although Arsenal went on to win the match 3-1 – 5-1 on aggregate – that hasn’t stopped the media and even fanbase from fixating on it.

While some fans aren’t that bothered by the 27-year-old appearing to dive against the Serie A giants, since Arsenal have had their fair share of dodgy calls go against them in the past, others are a little embarrassed.

Some are just angry at the double standards in the media, as the coverage of Dele Alli’s past dives hasn’t been nearly as extensive as this. Not that any of us are exactly surprised.

Claiming that the spot-kick came at a crucial time in the game is correct but implying that the tie could have gone either way until that point, as a certain Mirror journalist did, is a bit of a reach.

Arsenal were the dominant team over both legs and although that may not fit the narrative that Arsene Wenger’s completely incompetent, that’s a fact.