Mesut Ozil has hinted that he could finish his career playing in England even though he is in no rush to sign a new deal with the Gunners.

Ozil’s contract runs out in 2018 and along with Alexis Sanchez, Arsenal are trying to get their two stars to sign new deals.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Daily Star reported that Arsenal feel they have made a breakthrough in getting the German to sign a new deal. However, the Mirror are now claiming that Ozil has said there is ‘no rush’ to sign a new deal.

In an article which they’ve spun to make it look like Arsenal fans should be worried, they report that Ozil said “There’s no hurry. I have two years left on my contract. We’ll see how it goes at the end of the season.”

That seems like something you might be concerned about, right? Fair enough. And then you read on and see that he says “I’m not saying that I definitely must return to the Bundesliga or spend time in Turkey.

“But I’m not ruling it out either. Maybe I’ll finish my career in England.”

The Mirror don’t state where they got the quotes from and it would certainly seem like some are missing as those two quotes do not flow together. It seems as if there was a whole other discussion that’s just been omitted.

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It seems as if there was a whole other discussion that’s just been omitted.

It’s also very worth noting that the English press are not the best when it comes to resisting spinning foreign quotes to sensationalise a story if possible.

Just ask Wojciech Szczesny.