With Petr Cech only a year away from being a free agent and Arsenal one of the main clubs linked with him, could Chelsea change their minds and sell to their rivals after all?

The transfer of goalkeeper Petr Cech to Arsenal is becoming a bit of a pantomime and the ‘will they/won’t they‘ sell to us story is becoming decidedly tedious.

Previously we reported that ex-Chelsea assistant manager, Ray Wilkins, revealed that Jose Mourinho would never sell to us and that the Czech international was far more likely to move away from the Premier League, potentially elsewhere in Europe.

However, recently Mourinho admitted that, despite preferring to let the goalkeeper just run down the final year of his contract at Chelsea, it wasn’t just down to him to make the final decision.

A report in the Telegraph quoted the Blues manager as saying, “one thing is Jose Mourinho and another is Mr Abramovich.”

Whether this is Mourinho implying that he would not like to sell to us but Roman Abramovich would, vice versa, or he was generally just deferring responsibility, it’s unclear. However, I still see the prospect of both us signing and Chelsea selling Cech to us highly unlikely, especially when you factor in his agent claiming that he is in talks with Besiktas, a move that would seem highly strange for a keeper with years left at the top level.