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Arsene Wenger makes bold prediction and we’d be wrong to doubt him

Arsene Wenger is at it again, this time predicting that within five years football clubs will be turning to fans on social media to determine substitutes and his history of predicting things within football means we should be listening.

‘Gendered Islamophobic & xenophobic slurs’, ‘Racist & sexist tweets’: Being a woman on Social...

Judged solely on appearance, opinions scrutinised due to gender and a lack of support from male colleagues; women endure a lot in sports journalism, let alone on social media.

Why Arsenal banning abusive tweeters is a good thing

Arsenal have started to ban fans who are abusive on twitter, news that will be welcomed by many and feared by many, as well as idiotic fans, who won't be able to insult others at will as they are used to.